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“You are the living example of what choosing for happiness and living on your own conditions means. Experiencing this first hand at Zenerife has been absolutely inspirational. I felt welcome right away because of your hospitality and openness of mind. The combination of fun, profound coaching conversations and adventure that are in line with my interests, were just perfect. Highly recommendable!” 

Hell yeah! That’s the feedback / recommendation we just got back from Kees, our first ‘official’ Zenerife Experience client. Hearing such words make us proud, honored & happy.

It seems that this concept is working out perfect and as we have enjoyed it as much as Kees the Zenerife Experience has all the potential to become a 100% hit!

So why does this make us so happy?

Well, both Kim and I share personality traits (check out your own personality type here) that, amongst others state:

  • curious and idealistic, seeking meaning
  • interested in other people’s motives
  • seeing life as a big, complex puzzle, where everything is connected
  • their inner flame is not to be taken lightly
  • adventurous

And guess what? All these elements all got sufficient attention last week.

Everything is connected

Kees kind of ‘stumbled’ across me on the internet looking for some inspiration and was triggered by our story and me being a kitesurfer as well. He reached out and we had a good conversation while we were traveling in Mexico.

When I told him we had just  launched this new product he directly said yes and of course we were thrilled because somebody was interested to spark up his own inner flame and do some adventurous stuff in Tenerife!

We had a great week! Great conversations in the mornings while sitting at our place, or at one of the cafes next to the beach in our village. A tranquil environment where coffees cost 1 euro and the sun is always shining. A great place to talk about purpose in life. Next to that the wifi is more than sufficient and hence the cafes are also our flex offices.

We also had adventure in common, so the week was packed with great things.

Kees took my motorbike for a spin here in Tenerife and next to that he had his first diving experience at the (Dutch) diving school here in Abades. Tom initially wanted to join him, however he had some issues with his mask…

Typically, these kinds of activities clear one’s mind and give room to creative solutions for possible situations where one might be feeling stuck in life. Hence, in order to clear our minds even more we decided to hike up La Guajara (a mountain of 2.917 meters high) and stay there overnight without a tent, star gazing the Milky Way with approximately 5 degrees Celsius. This keeps being an epic experience!

And boy were we lucky, after 5 days without wind, the wind decided to pick up and hence we had two epic kite sessions to wrap-up this phenomenal week!

In short, this week had FLOW, written all over it and Kees definitely got what he came for. Inspiration, fun, profound conversations and an actionable plan to make some purposeful changes. And we also got what we want! Just by being 100% ourselves…. Doing what we love to do…. How great is that? I feel privileged and could cry tears of joy if I would want to, however it’s not convenient as I have to pick Tom up, sometimes life is just very practical:)).

Hopefully we will soon be able to receive other people that wish this experience. As long as their values & wishes are in line with ours I am 100% sure that it will be a great week! Whether it’s adventure, healthy food, setting up a business plan or just simply enjoying an ice bath, for which Kim is already in training! It’s all possible!

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  1. M Brooks op 23 oktober 2018 om 11:41 am

    Great to see this amazing family is spreading the love around the planet!

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