¡Buenos días Amigos!

It’s been a while since my last update, which was about 6 months ago from New Zenland.

So what happened in the meantime? Quite a lot, so hope I can give a concise and interesting update to you!

After spending new year in the Netherlands with family & friends I returned alone with mom to Zenerife as dad was assisting a NLP for kids training in the Netherlands. Just a week later our first visitors of the year arrived, Dutchies who lived in Tenerife for half a year as well and we had lots of fun!

Just afterwards dad flew to Poland, to attend a training of breath work, physical optimisation and cold training with Kasper (Wim Hoff Method related), as he still loves the experiences and remains eager to learn more about the human capabilities of both Body & Mind.



His experience was pretty awesome, walking around with a chilling factor of -30 degree celsius in just his swimming pants was both physically as mentally (especially mentally) an experience not to forget. Next to that he met some really nice inspiring people from all over the world and the idea is to set-up some training events with some of them in the future as well.

After that my grandparents Wiets & Rudy came to visit us and we spend a great time together. After they left we flew to Seville (Sevilla) to enjoy a few days in this beautiful city!

We met some great people, saw some beautiful places and I met my new friend “Hello Kitty” at the airport!!

After Seville I flew back again with mom and we spent some quality time together while dad was in Portugal to do another training and visit some friends that are building a rural escape over there.

Upon return Joris came to visit us, someone we briefly met before in the Netherlands and was looking for a nice place to stay during holidays. It was a great connection we made and we enjoyed (again) having people over that we actually barely knew up front.

Just after that we were invited for an ‘ad hoc’ wedding of Polish friends of ours and my other grandparents paid us a visit as well. Playing with granddad on the beach and grandma reading to me before going to bed was great.


Just after that my aunt and my cousins came along and we had some nice excursions to the Siam Park (world’s no. 1 waterpark, really? yeah really!) and the Zoo.

Next to that enjoying day-to-day life! Going to school every morning from 8 to noon and afterwards I spend time with mom and/or dad on the beach, in nature or playing with kids in the village. Last week we had festivities and everyone thought I was pretty ‘guapo’ in my costume! Also some random pictures of me doing yoga with mom and me preparing or Carnival.


Last week mom & dad hosted a retreat together with their friends, which was a great experience. In the morning working with breath work, mindfulness and healthy food. In the afternoon training & coaching the participants to make some lifestyle design changes. It gave us a lot of energy and we will definitely host more in the future as inspiring and training people to follow their passions and being realistic about them is one of our passions.

Yesterday other friends of us left after a week visit and new friends arrived with whom we are going to host another training next week,which focuses as well on lifestyle design and more specifically setting up a business that facilitates travelling around!

So, what are the plans going forward? Well:

  • We will leave our house end of this month and put our stuff in storage
  • We will be travelling for two months in Cuba, Costa Rica, Nicaragua & Mexico
  • We will visit NL in September (with a stop-over in NYC)
  • We expect to return to Zenerife end of September and take it from there…

Next to that? Nothing much… Just Chilling!!!

Will give another update in three months time to share some pictures of our adventures in ZENtral America…


Tom & Co….

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