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9 months Zenerife

As we are almost leaving for the Netherlands I feel the urge to give an update on our Zenerife experiences! I just revisited our first blog Introduction Zenerife & our Six months Zenerife to remember what our blog & experiment was about again. Basically we had four questions / fears prior to leaving for Zenerife.

1. Would it be possible to enjoy this magnificent view every day?

Yes, totally! Although we are leaving our beautiful home next week (and not sure where we will end up when we return) we enjoy our breakfasts 80% of the time outside looking over a wineyard and enjoying the morning sun. Next to that the Freeway on Tenerife runs along the coast line which is a great view every time again driving it! Nature is stunning and there is still so much to explore! See the camping pictures & free diving update later on in this post.

2. Would it be possible to do this earning money online as Zentrepreneurs?

Yes! My online business, Nivolar Online, looks pretty steady. And we both are diversifying our skills / attention with new projects. Kim is working now for several clients instead of one and next to that has become 20% owner of Nivolar Online as well. She became “director general”, my idea was that I could then really go to 4 hours per week max, however it turns out to be so much fun to create new ideas and bring them to life that we both spend approximately 4 – 8 hours a week on growing the business!

Do we earn more than we did before in the Netherlands? Nope (especially bankers are overpaid, haha). However as the cost of living is almost twice as low as in Amsterdam and renting out our apartment in Amsterdam works well, we are able to do more with less.

3. Would this new lifestyle actually be more balanced and simple?

Yes! We spend less hours working (or at least it doesn’t feel like working, for instance I get the best ideas for my business while hiking or staring at the sea after an incredible kite session) and basically don’t experience much stress caused by a tight schedule. Of course we have some stress caused by being human and having non resourceful thoughts, however we also have more time to observe these more peacefully and therefore not be bothered too much by them. Next to that as you have noticed we don’t feel obliged to write blogs on a regular (one or two week basis) according to ‘the rules’ of blogging…

4. Would our friends come and visit us if we would make the move?

Yes! As we speak my cousin is here for the second time. My aunt & uncle just arrived yesterday and we have good friends of us Maarten, Marijn, Willem & Gijs over as well. Since our last trip to NL (end of March) we have had 6 different parties visiting us! Great stuff!!! Thanks! Love you!

In the 6 months wrap-up I wrote ” I would rate our adventure so far with 9 out of 10 and I trust that this will continue to be so!”

That trust has become true! Still rating our adventure 9 out of 10. So what’s happening?


Meet Bob !!


Talking about a lifestyle experiment: Kim decided to take on a new project called “Bob” (de bouwer?) and this is his picture taken yesterday after 20 weeks. Everything is “going as a train” and Kim is “very beautiful pregnant”. We are both very happy & grateful and enjoying the experience. Health care is exceptionally well taken care of here and Kim’s gynecologist is super sweet. If people wish to see Kim’s tripita (Spanish for pregnancy belly) we are planning a (alcohol free) drink Friday 8 July somewhere in Amsterdam!



Yes! This photo is (almost) real-time! Sitting at our bar doing our thing!

It’s funny that Kim and I are actually a sort of colleagues now. Especially when working on Nivolar Online together, but also for other things where sometimes when I get stuck Kim can help me out or vice versa. Also some experiments that we have done for Nivolar Online (such as building mailing lists of our clients) is now something that Kim is integrating in her advice to her clients. Or me constructing a website for a new massage studio and giving some business advice in exchange for a lot of gratitude  (and massages :)). Next to that it might be possible that I will be involved in the design & construction of the website for one of Kim her clients. This would be a great example of learning on the job as they are looking for an online learning environment that I might integrate in the future into my own projects as well. Furthermore I am spending my additional free time on taking online training & coaching classes. Currently I am doing two intensive online NLP coaching courses mixed with hypnotherapy and end of August I will have an 8-day-course intensive course on the mainland, loving it! Expect me to launch an offline/online coaching initiative called “Fearless Coaching” in September once I have finalized these courses and integrated them into what I currently believe works in the space of personal development. I am very very enthusiastic about what I am learning and a firm believer that it will enable me to coach people in a transformational way!

Happy Campers

Kim came up with a great idea to go camping. Tenerife offers free camping sites for which you have to inform ‘the rangers’ after which you can set up camp where you will have some basic amenities. After driving around for four hours (driving small bush roads makes this island quite big once of the beaten track), we were the only ones on the camping site. Great experience, we never ‘heard’ such a silence, impressive especially with El Teide as background. Also the techniques of tents have improved greatly, it takes max. 5 minutes to set-up and break up camp, cool! Next Wednesday I have a hike planned on the 2nd highest mountain here and sleep under the stars, exciting!

More Zenerife

I will wrap-up with some nice pictures of nature and other things we are working on. I am aware that I have not shared any true challenges or fears this time, however we are really living more and more in the Zenerifian style we had hoped for! I guess the secret is facing & accepting fears, each time take the single smallest next step to eventually arrive at your wished for outcome, without setting fixed goals, but living beyond goals (e.g. values). Some insights I obtained two weeks ago while doing a 2-day-psychotherapy-retreat (also known as ayahuasca) up here in the mountains.

We do have a Eurocup 🙂 


Nature remains beautiful here

Still hiking, ejoying the beach now and then and thanks to Sjoerd I did a 3-day free-diving course, I am not the guy with the turtle, still need to practice a little more :). However really cool, Sjoerd was able to do 4min static (holding breath) on day 2 already in a pool, I was pretty happy with 3 minutes and 15 metres depth in the sea, great mix of meditation / physical exercise / enjoying nature!

Relationships remain so important!

Hope you have enjoyed this update! I am very happy to share it with you and very grateful for our experience!

Hope to see many of you Friday the 8th of July in a still “to be decided” venue somewhere in / around Amsterdam!


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