La Casa Bonita

Wow! Have we been lucky! The place that we are staying is close to perfect! Upon arrival we did not really realize this as we had booked ‘something for just the first month’ through Airbnb. However upon arrival we encountered this beautiful finca (rural house) that breathes love & freedom all the way!

As the parents of our landlord, Ventura & Candelaría work the land on a daily basis this place is very well maintained and as said you can see everything has been done with care & love. From our perspective this fits perfectly in the concept of Zenerife!

Here are some impressions.


Our patio – we have installed our hammocks and can enjoy the birds singing from their cages that are across the patio next to ‘la casa de fiesta’


“La casa de fiesta” – it was used by the family whenever they were throwing a party


Balcony view – perfect place for our breakfasts (lots of locally grown fruits), lunches & dinner (lots of locally grown vegetables and fresh fish)


Another balcony view (looking at the patio) as it is the place where we sit most


A panoramic view of the interior – nice & cosy


The outdoor barbecue – we have tested it yesterday with a fresh Dorada and it works great!


Our house seen from the back of our garden (1.300m2 with lots of fruits, vegetables and animals.

As you can see we are living a lot outdoors. Fortunately the reason for this is not that we have a shabby house, but that the climate is so nice here. Although winter is coming we still experience 100% summer.

Our finca is  2km outside of Güímar a beautiful small city that we will surely tackle in an upcoming post. 3km to the other side is the beach at Puertito de Güímar, great for an afternoon dive.

It is pretty quiet here, although we (fortunately) have neighbors at both sides. Sleeping with the windows open we are able to see the city lights from a distance and hear the hens in the morning. At 5 am the hens start their morning ritual and around 6 am the goats, pig and exotic birds join the morning party after which at 7:30am the sun rises from behind the mountains. Pretty impressive to experience this from out of your bed.

Let’s see whether we can arrange a long term stay in this magnificent place in order for us to be able to receive our friends & family (yes you) at this magnificent place. Unfortunately the place is already rented out in November and December, but our friendly hosts (Santiago and his parents don V & doña C) have arranged a nice seaside apartment for us during that period. We will dedicate a post to that place as well and we can assure you that you don’t have to feel sorry for us for this temporary move.

Love & Freedom!

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