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¡Hola amigos!

¿Qué tal? Hope you are ready for my quarterly blog regarding my experiences @Zenerife.

Photo shoot

In case you are thinking “Wow, that’s a nice photo”, I agree, actually there are even better ones, featuring just me, as you can see below 🙂 During our last visit in the Netherlands we had a photo shoot with Anieka of Alfie photos (Facebook) who specializes in family and portrait photo’s. Highly recommended (especially for people using selfies or photo’s of ten years ago as “professional” photo’s on their linkedIn accounts etcetera. If you recognize yourself in this, I suggest you contact Anieka ASAP :)).

Next to enjoying our time at Anieka, Wouter & Joep’s place we visited some other friends and family as well. This was however our shortest visit so far in the Netherlands, one week including travel days, so time was (too?) limited. Nonetheless, it was good to see everyone we saw!

Visitors in Zenerife

As usual we had some visitors over in Tenerife. It’s definitely an advantage of living on a, I would say, tropical island. It seems people are easily motivated to undertake the travel to come here.  The climate is really magnificent, in winter it’s plus 20 degrees celsius and now in summer we haven’t exceeded the 33, hence it’s more comfortable than for instance Southern Spain where people don’t leave their houses until 9pm at night as it’s 45 degrees celsius… Thus, life remains very comfortable here as they say here “La vida es major en cholas” “Life is better on slippers”. That’s why I will start “school” in September here in our hometown, Abades. I will be going there from 8am to 12am and afterwards I intend to chill & relax with (one of) my parents during the afternoons.


So what’s happening in Zenerife? 

Well, next to me enjoying “la vida en cholas”, actually I don’t even have slippers, but anyways, you catch my drift, my mom is busy with a very nice work project for a kindergarten in the Netherlands and my dad is busy setting up his coaching & training company Walk the Talk. Both of them are enjoying that and therefore also needed some time for themselves instead of taking care of me 24/7 together. Also my dad is doing a two month intensive Spanish course with David as he wants to be able to teach me the language as well when I grow up.

This means that I am with Sandra, my babysitter 3 mornings per week in the village next to ours, El Porís. It’s great as I already know half the village as Sandra and I go to the beach often and she knows everyone. Just as in Abades, basically everybody knows me by name and my parents, well these are “those people” that hang out with Tom 🙂 The last two pictures are of our favorite new bar, great place for my parents to open up their laptops and do their thing and in the meantime I hang out with the waiters and owners of the place.

Furthermore, I like to ride horse, hang out with my friends up in the mountains or go to the beach and make myself dirty!

So what’s happening for the rest of 2018?

Currently my grandparents are visiting me and after they have left Marie will visit us (third time visitor hooray!, Kudos to her!) and after that we will host our first training / retreat  here! We already have 7 people that have confirmed and booked, hence only 3 places available. If you feel like a nice challenge don’t hesitate to join! Looking very much forward to this new challenge as for next year we are planning a training with our new friends of Wonderlijk Werken here @Zenerife.

Next to that my mother hopes to finalize the majority of her project and my dad will give another training to some digital nomads here in Tenerife which is going to be interesting!

After that we will directly leave for the Netherlands in order to meet my new nephew/niece (not sure whether I am allowed to tell everyone what it is going to be :)). And than we will leave for New Zealand for about 10 weeks. The journey is going to be a challenge (at least my dad thinks so) as we will fly for 12 hours, have a stop-over of 20 hours in Shanghai and then another flight of 12 hours to Oakland. At the same time, pretty cool to do a day trip China as well.

We will be driving around in a campervan and probably staying some time in a proper house as well. I will celebrate my birthday there and update you guys with a “One year Tom outside of Zenerife” blog!

Really looking forward to this great adventure and at the same time we as a family like Zenerife so much that we are also already looking forward to coming back early 2018 to continue our lives here and maybe receive you guys over for a nice holiday! Our guest floor remains to your disposal.

Big hugs,



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  1. Lennart op 17 augustus 2017 om 9:56 pm

    Oh Tom! Spreek je ook al Engels? En Spaans en Nederlands! Gaat lekker hoor, en je pappa en mamma maar denken dat je je nog voorbereid op je eerste woordje.. Ik ben blij om te lezen dat het goed met jullie gaat. Misschien kunnen we binnenkort weer eens Skype.. Grote groet van Lennart en Naomi!

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