Six months TOM @Zenerife

¡Hola amigos!

Hope you are ready for a short update from my experiences @Zenerife.

Gran Canaria

Last week we went to Gran Canaria for a small camping trip as friends of us were celebrating their holidays over there. The car was quite packed as we had our full camping gear with us and daddy wanted to bring his kitegear as well. The boat trip was just 1.5 hours and as always I flirted with all the ladies on board. The Spanish chica’s love my blond hair, blue eyes and big smile 🙂

The camping site was pretty cool and close to the beach. The famous IKEA (yes, they sponsor this blog) chair is my favorite. Since a short while I am also eating solids. I have to eat “wat de pot schaft”, so this implies pancakes / bread in the morning. Lots of vegetables (TOMatoes, avocado, cauliflower) and fruits (banana).

The first week I mainly played with it, but now I actually eat it as well. My parents were very excited about this “next step”, however you should have seen their faces when they smelled the consequences of solid food when changing my diapers!

Well, back to Gran Canaria, it was fun, sleeping with the three of us in a tent. Next to that we did some hiking, some dining, some beach time and we met with our friends. Great stuff!



Well, I am still trying to be as chill as possible and so far that works pretty good! As mentioned earlier I do like all the attention of different people. The more I smile the more they pick me up, sounds like a win-win situation to me! Next to some friends and family that have visited us in the last two months I have made some Spanish friends as well.

During the day I don’t sleep that much, maybe two power naps of about 30 minutes, as said earlier I like to observe and play around! I am actually already able to stand up and crawl around the house. On the outside terrace I have my own colorful box in which I spend a lot of time.

Today for the first time I went to Sandra, my “canguro”. She’s really nice and will be babysitting me now and then in order for my parents to be able to work a little more focussed…



Well, that’s it for now folks! Catch you on the next update!



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