Three months TOM @Zenerife

¡Hola amigos!

Hope you are ready for an update from my experiences @Zenerife. As you might have read in my first blog I really enjoyed my first month in this interesting world.

I had my first travel experience to Madrid, I saw some great places in Tenerife and lots of people came to visit me. So here’s my experience for the first three months of my life.

Magnificent views

Wow! This place is really special! I keep exploring new places and I love it! The nature (and the weather) are quite special. I frequently hike with my mom & dad. Although I already weigh 8kg  my parents are still comfortable carrying me around in the sling. My doctor keeps on asking my mom whether she only breastfeeds me as I am (especially compared to Spanish babies) growing quite quickly! Well let’s just say that the food is still haute cuisine to me and it’s a great exercise for my parents to carry me around :).


Family & friends

In my last blog I mentioned that I already had 14 visitors over from the Netherlands. Since that time the visitors just kept on coming! My aunt, grandmother Wiets (3rd visit), Marie (2nd visit), Anke, Kirsten, Lieneke & Egbert came to say hello and enjoy the Zenerife experience! I really enjoy all the attention and love to hang out with everyone in our house or at the beach!


So far I had not really experienced winter in Tenerife as during the day the temperature is normally above 24 degrees celsius, however right now I am in Portes du Soleil in France for my first ski trip! Although skiing is (not yet) my thing it is really nice as I had not met my uncle & cousins. Traveling is still something I like as these are all new experiences and I am quite comfortable with them.

My next trip will be to the Netherlands at the end of March and I hope to see many of you guys there! I will ask mom & dad if they can arrange some Vrimibo and/or Sunday lunch / afternoon meetup! Until then we hope to maintain our pretty balanced & simple lifestyle @Zenerife.


Big hugs!



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  1. Jitske op 23 februari 2017 om 8:28 pm

    Love to meet you in march, handsome Tom!

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