Tom’s first month Zenerife

¡Hola amigos!

As my parents are currently quite busy with other things (i.e. taking care of me ), I thought it would be a nice idea to help them out by writing this blog about my Zenerife experience!

For the ones that already know me, thank you so much for all the nice “Welcome cards” and presents I have received, really great! And for the ones that don’t know me yet, my name is Tom and I was born one month ago in the hospital of Arico on Tenerife, Spain.


As you might remember my parents were most interested in answering four questions when they decided to launch project Zenerife.

  1. Would it be possible to enjoy this magnificent view every day?
  2. Would it be possible to do this earning money online as Zentrepreneurs?
  3. Would our friends would come and visit us if we would make the move?
  4. Would this new lifestyle would actually be more balanced and simple?

Well…. Let me give you my thoughts about a few of these:)

Magnificent views

Although I sleep quite a lot I have been to some pretty cool places already! Next to our house there is a nice beach bar where I have been already a few times joining friends & family on the terrace. Sometimes I stay there with dad while mom takes a swim or enjoys the beach and when I am hungry mom always joins us to give me food! The food is really great, to me it’s haute cuisine, I am loving it and as a result I am already 5 kg being 1 month old (I was born 3.5kg).

Next to that I have been to El Médano to see daddy kitesurf and Las Galletas to enjoy the boulevard. I like these places and to me they all look quite spectacular! However, my most exciting trip so far was to Madrid last week.

Reason why I went to Madrid was to fix my passport for which I had to go to the Dutch Embassy. My parents didn’t trust me yet to go on my own so they joined me and we had quite some fun! Of course my parents were a little nervous up front as it was a new experience traveling by plane with three instead of two, however in my opinion they did a great job! We decided to travel light, so I didn’t take my pram with me. I only took my baby carrier, which I really like because it’s nice & cosy being so close to my mom or dad. It was a little exhausting though as you can see on the right picture:) After our visit to the Embassy we still had some hours to kill so we went downtown were I had my first experience of a big city and winter temperatures. Within 36 hours we were back again on Tenerife with 6 hours of flight experience. I like it a lot, all the people I met were really friendly, everybody at the airport in the plane, hotel and basically anywhere we went wanted to talk to me! Not sure whether this will stay the same when I grow up though…

Friends & Family

As I am writing this blog Bart, Jaap & Martijn are visiting me for one week, really awesome guys. Since I was born I have had 14 visitors from the Netherlands so far, of which more than half of them stayed at my place. It’s really nice to meet everyone and as everybody is in holiday mode it’s pretty easy going. Seems like the fears of my parents of people not coming were quite unrealistic, already over 30 people have visited Tenerife, of which 10 people already twice. Furthermore already some people have booked or are planning a visit in 2017, looking forward to meeting you all!

More balanced & simple lifestyle

Balance with a new born? Hahaha, of course not! I deserve a lot of attention and I if I want food I expect it to get it directly, I am not going to wait for that too long 🙂

However,  taking into account the great climate here (still 25 degrees celsius and 350 days of sun per year) and the fact that both my mom and dad decided to dedicate most of their time to raising me, makes it relatively easy. Mom and dad are working very well as a team and hence both do have some time for themselves, which is quite important for the balance. So yes, it is more demanding for them, however we as a family still have a pretty balanced & simple lifestyle over here!



Hope you have enjoyed my first blog.

Lots of love,





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  1. Jacqueline op 11 december 2016 om 1:32 pm

    Lieffff! Klinkt goed hoor. Enjoy met zijn 3-en!

  2. Anoniem op 10 januari 2017 om 6:10 am

    Hee Tom, wat kan jij een leuk verhaal schrijven, zeg! Ik heb ervan genoten (in het regenachtige Nederland)

    X Jocelyn

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