Walk the Talk – 1 year Zenerife

¡Hola amigos!

As our Zenerife project is 1 year underway I once again felt the urge to write an update on our experiences. Furthermore it will be the last blog I write before our son will be born. It is getting really close now! Exciting and thrilling how that will be! We are very much looking forward to that experience and hopefully we are able to maintain (a sort of) balance…

Talking about balance, one of our questions was:

Would this new lifestyle actually be more balanced and simple?

Moreover the answer has been YES.

As we are testing “lifestyle design” we try to focus on doing things we think we are interested in and we deem important for ourselves and our environment. Ranging from flexible working to meditation and from healthy eating to outdoor activities. For that reason I decided to start some studies again. Next to our weekly Spanish classes,  I completed a NLP Coaching course and started with a 8-month study to become a Nutritional Coach as well.  All these activities seem to fit in the Zenerife concept, so that all sounds great. However the last few weeks I discovered some “imbalances”.

I seem to be experiencing more STRESS currently instead of less….. This sounds a little contradictory given the nature of the courses right? Don’t get me wrong I love the subjects, however as I believe one should “walk the talk” I jumped on the subjects relentlessly and as a consequence I actually feel somewhat time constrained and a little less in control, than I had hoped…

Yes it is great fun to learn & discover by self-application. For instance we are spending more  time on buying, cooking and eating super healthy and good tasting food and receiving the health benefits of it already. However, given three different studies / courses next to: preparations for the family extension, earning sufficient income, doing sports (free diving is another study object) & enjoying leisure time,  I feel time constrained. It seems I underestimated the amount of time & energy it takes and MY EGO is not yet ready yet to admit this and make some changes. I suppose my dear friend aka MY EGO just always seems to want to have more. For instance, if I decide that 4 hours of studying Spanish is enough, MY EGO asks for 8… Maybe time to spend some more time on meditation practices? Just observing the rebellious EGO.

I suppose setting goals often focus on what still is lacking instead of what you already have… This is really a shame and at the same time I do think setting goals help us to get our buts moving and therefore experience new & interesting moments! I suppose it is all about finding balance by trying to take the single smallest next step to eventually arrive at our wished for outcomes, without becoming to obsessed with achieving them. Anyways, let’s try to keep and “walk the talk” by learning and experiencing and making small steps to re-balance again! Thanks for staying with me so far… Now, what’s happening on Zenerife?

A new place to live

Before we left to spend summer in the Netherlands we left our Casa Bonita. Upon return we stayed at our friends B&B, Elska Organics from which we started our hunt for a new house. We believe  we have been quite successful. We have a beautiful house with an entire extra floor of 100m2 for our guests that includes a complete separate kitchen and bathroom as well! So we hope to see you around in 2017 (and 2018). Next to that the beach is literally a 200m walk from our house and the snorkeling is quite amazing there!



Project Bob

Last preparations are taking place. Kim is still going strong (super proud of her!). Bob’s racing car has arrived and his bed seems to be getting the same yellow lining 🙂



Although I shared some “struggles”on being time constrained, moreover we enjoy our new insights on nutrition & food experiences. Basically we eats lots of local organic vegetables, less alcohol (especially Kim :)) and less meat. In the end it comes down to being more aware on what we are actually eating. This is half of the work if you want to enhance your health & diet we discovered!

NLP Coaching

Early September I had an 8-day-course to become a certified NLP coach. Two more assignments (real-life coaching sessions) and I will be certified by the co-founder of NLP, John Grinder. This course was a treat for myself! John Grinder is in his seventies and as his focus has been on modeling successful behavior since his late twenties this is a very interesting instructor! “Walk the talk” and “relentless practice” is definitely part of him. As this course was taught by the co-founder of NLP the audience was very interesting as well, 35 different nationalities in a group of about 75 people with all quite diverse and interesting backgrounds. All in all, a great learning experience!

Nature & Outdoor

Still enjoying the nature here! It is so beautiful. Last Saturday I hiked up with Steppe to Montaña Guajara (2.700m altitude) and slept there for the second time in the open sky! Pretty chilly at night (5 degrees), but the whole experience including sunset & sunrise is just EPIC! Hopefully Kim will be joining us soon again for some smaller hikes, she focusses more on swimming these days.

Hope you enjoyed the post! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Rutger op 15 oktober 2016 om 10:21 am

    Great stuff ! Mooie avonturen weer, goede reflectie, en een hele gave verandering aan de horizon. Ben benieuwd hoe het jullie vergaat met mr. Bob erbij !

  2. Jolien op 15 oktober 2016 om 12:18 pm

    Ahhh, heimwee! Mila zit op mijn schoot en kijkt verrukt mee, denk dat ze ook heimwee heeft! Spannende tijden jongens, zo te zien zijn jullie klaar voor Bob. Ben heel benieuwd wanneer Bob klaar is voor jullie. Leuk hoe jullie het ledikantje customizen. Keep us posted, geniet en ook een beetje (heel veel, hihi) sterkte gewenst ;-). Xx

  3. Anke V op 15 oktober 2016 om 3:23 pm

    Hee lieverds, super trots dat jullie dit doen en zo genieten! Mooi voorbeeld voor veel van ons… leef je droom; het kan!! Geniet nog ff met z’n twee! Ik kom snel knuffelen! Succes met baren!! Kus Anke

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