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¡Hola amigos!

Hope that you all had a great start of 2017! Next to that I am interested to know whether you made resolutions for the new year and if so if they are still in place?

Reason why I ask you this question is that I just finished watching an interesting video on youtube where it was said that by the 15th of January over 80% of the people had given up already on their resolutions for 2017.

My initial thought was “What 80%!?, no way”. However, when I asked myself how often I haven’t lived up to resolutions, while I see myself moreover as a “walk the talk” kind of guy, I decided this number could actually be right. Popular resolutions that you might recognize are: loosing those last few kilos by living healthier, changing your career, spending more time with friends & family and so forth. From experience I also know what not living up to your resolutions causes: blame (oneself & your poor direct environment), anxiety, restlessness etcetera that in turn lead to other negative events to cover up these feelings. That this happens is part of life the Buddha said this about 2.500 years ago already.

There are no obstacles on the path of life. The obstacles are the path of life.

The question is HOW do you cope with the obstacles?

Learn from your failure and it’s not failure. Do it again and it is.

Therefore I am sharing one of my resolutions with you in order to increase the chances of achieving it and hopefully you are willing to help me to walk my talk.


Why? Well, for more than ten years I have been excessively drawn towards this subject. It appeared to me during my traineeship at ABN Amro in 2005 where my interest for the personal development trainings I received exceeded my interest for banking skills by far.

Whether it was development of skills regarding communication or efficiency such as NLP trainings, or it concerned a more spiritual approach towards looking at certain matters such as Vipassana meditation, dzogchen or ayahuasca I all love(d) it!

A few years later I discovered  that actually my personality profile confirmed this interest. Quite a revelation to myself as I had identified completely with my role as a banker at that time.

I suppose I have tried to apply many of the theories I have read about. This in order to have a direct experience of the theory and see for myself whether it did or did not work (at least for me).

Some things worked out great. For instance creating a 4 hour workweek (although my first attempt failed miserably) and envisioning, planning & executing our “Zenerife Project”. These two successes have created the perfect environment (lots of time, financial independence and an inspirational nature) for me to pursue this goal that I deem really important.

Meditating 12 hours per day  in total for more than 60 days, in complete silence during retreats has not been my favourite activity, however it has given me insights beyond imagination. I am convinced that these insights will definitely serve my clients in achieving their outcome. The last four years I have been in the fortunate position that I have been able to spend considerable time on all these activities with the aim of learning as much as possible about personal development as possible.

During these “life experiments” I have benefited from coaching (& training) myself multiple times in order to clarify my goals or simply to have someone to tell me to

Just do It

Long story short, I will be offering coaching / training to anyone that really wants to make significant progress in his or her life. May that be general lifestyle, nutrition (finalizing my certified nutritional coaching course currently) or business. I believe that I have gained sufficient experience in all fields to be of added value to anyone facing obstacles they wish to overcome. And maybe most important, I really wish to help people reach their goals or maybe even goals that they currently not even dare to dream about…

As I am enthusiastic about innovative business models as well I will be offering all of this on a Pay As You Feel Basis. This concept caught my attention during my Buddhist meditation retreats where you pay for the instruction based on this principle. I love the idea of a more Trust based exchange in the world. Interesting application of this concept for the people in Amsterdam, have a look at Trust where you can visit their restaurant applying this concept. I have also applied this concept  where I exchanged business coaching for the certified nutritional coach course I mentioned earlier.

So here’s my request to you and I am very grateful if you could share this.  If you know anyone who’s eager to make progress and wishes to be coached in his or her process please let them know of what I am offering.


Drop me a message (+34 6450434 or and let’s take it from there. For me there are no restrictions whatsoever as:

Anything is possible.

For instance, if people wish to combine coaching with spending time in a beautiful environment a tailor made program @Zenerife is possible.

And remember:

We are always more than we think we are.

Wishing you all the best for 2017 with or without your resolutions 🙂

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