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Hola Amigos!

Here my last travel update! For the people doubting about my writing skills I have included the proof of writing my blogs during our travels.

Costa Rica

Mom & Dad had a beautiful dive and Dad needed to face his fear and decided to dive with bull sharks. After booking the dive he actually googled for the image of this shark and did not sleep as deep as he uses to do 🙂

Anyways, the bull sharks stayed at comfortable distance (he only saw a glimpse of them), so he survived the trip and we continued to Monte Verde. Beautiful forests and I faced my fears as well and faced dangerous raccoons & mini tigers!

In Monte Verde we stayed in an AirBnB private room, which was a great experience as we stayed with a family with a baby girl just my age and hence we I had the time of my life (I am quite sure she had a crush on me) while mom & dad had great conversations with her mom & dad about life, our upbringing and the differences around the world on these topics.


After Costa Rica we left for Mexico. Initially we liked to be in another place again, however we discovered that actually we should sometimes do some more investigation before moving to a certain area. Eventually we experienced this part of Mexico as being too touristy and actually we were bored at some times (and dad a little restless). At the same time it also gave us the insight that we actually are very very privileged with how we live and what we have @Zenerife!

Apart from this slight deception there were also a lot of good things. For instance, being able to borrow the VW T1 of our friends Steven, Diana, Isa & Vesper and traveling around the area with the camper! Thank you so much guys!

We used this opportunity to visit beautiful “cenotes” and lagunas where I learned to dive and swim as well as in the swimming pool we had at our apartment. Next to that we decided to visit the beautiful island “Isla Holbox”, which is still a sort of paradise where all roads are white sand beach and golf cars are used as taxi. This was the perfect place to relax for over one week and we truly enjoyed that part of our Mexico trip.

At the end of Isla Holbox dad’s Macbook crashed (after his phone broke down earlier) and hence it was the perfect timing to travel on and visit

New York City

Wow! What a different reality again! After Cuba, a spiritual community, Mexican gangsters and a tropical island I had the pleasure of meeting a true Wall Street banker in his natural habitat. I feel privileged of having all these experiences already. So next to visiting the Apple Store, Wall Street and the Museum of Modern Arts we also met up with friends of ours that both live in New York City. It was really great to visit them and hear their perspective on New York as semi-insiders.

After five days New York City we headed to the Netherlands where we visited family & friends for three weeks. Furthermore mom & dad gave another Lifestyle Design training called “Up Your Game” during the first weekend with Wonderlijk Werken, which again was a great experience thanks to the very enthusiastic participants (half of them that joined a previous Business Bootcamp training with us at Tenerife).

Furthermore, they were witness of a beautiful wedding in a pink inflatable church during a four-day ceremony that felt as a mini vacation flooded with good vibes & love! Thank you WIMI! 🙂

After three weeks we were sad to leave our family & friends again, however very happy to return back to our homebase Zenerife. Because as we mentioned earlier we really started to miss our Zen homebase where we can so easily tune into our balanced lifestyle. It seems that the external environment definitely very much influences our internal states as well. No matter how much you focus on your inner world with e.g. breath work, meditation and other relaxing techniques, it all becomes more easier and goes with more flow when your external environment breathes all of this!

So for now, enough travels let’s enjoy Zenerife again!

Adios amigos!

Un beso,


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