Zenerife @New Zenland

Kia ora again!

About one month ago Tom wrote you guys about his experiences in New Zenland.

Now, one month later, we really feel that we are “real” travelers as we are completely in the travel vibe! New travel plans are already in the making for second half next year. Having said that, we still have three weeks @New Zenland!

So what have we been up to?

Nature on the South Island in New Zenland

I guess the pictures are sufficient? People already warned us, but it’s true. The South Island is even more impressive than the North Island! It’s diverse, each corner you turn there is a different scenery and it is all just beautiful.

Our top picks were: Lake Pukaki with Mount Cook, Milford Sound and two days of the Routeburn track (one of the “Great Walks”) and Abel Tasman park where we also had a flight with a small Cesna, which was really fun! Actually, it’s unfair for the many other beautiful places not to mention them, but it is just that good here!

Stretching the comfort zone

As mentioned by Tom a great deal of the fun is the experience of travel and stretching our comfort zone. As mentioned earlier it builds character and makes you more resilient 🙂

Let’s give some examples. Traveling around in a campervan is cool, at the same time our current campervan has got 6m2 living space and the kitchen is less than 1.5m2, with a sink in which a normal pan does not even fit. This is definitely doable, however rearranging all your stuff in order to be able to go from driving modus to eat / sleeping modus is not something I would like to do on a daily basis for the rest of my life. Also, the toilets provided at the freedom camping are quite Spartan.

At the same time the experience of living on these few square meters makes us very aware of the fact that we really don’t need as much room and luxury as we tend to believe. Therefore, the chances are that we will leave our Abades residence @ Zenerife when our next travels start somewhere in the summer of 2018 and return to something smaller afterwards. So, if you still want to visit us @Zenerife and prefer a fully equipped guest floor, visit us in the first half year of 2018, because we are not sure what will be on offer in 2019, maybe just a campervan and a Spartan toilet…

Another experiment / comfort challenge has been about intermittent fasting. This implies that one time a week I skip a breakfast and at that same day dinner. This leads to two periods of 18 hours of no eating. According to theory it should have quite some health benefits and next to that it again builds character. Let’s see whether I continue the experiment or leave it at that, being a nice experiment. Trying to walk on my hands is another experiment I am trying. Does not have any specific health benefits as far as I know, although it’s probably good for balance and core strength. More importantly, it’s fun to try and to see whether I can acquire this skill quickly.

Last experiment I am going to mention is sleeping. Tom wakes up every morning at 5:30 and therefore we have adapted our bed time to accordingly. We actually discovered that between 8 and 10 hours sleep per night is really good for the soul! Try it for a week and you’ll be amazed what happens to your energy levels.

Traveling with Tom

Tom is really easy-going so I can honestly say we are very lucky (after his 5:30 wake-up he normally sleeps again after he has eaten something). Travelling is quite easy with him, he actually fell asleep while he was in a child seat on a mountain bike while driving a dirt trail. And yes, he picked the helmet himself, isn’t he cute?


Having said that we are definitely not the only ones traveling with kids and we have been inspired by many people here who do travel as well with children (we were also inspired by travelers without children btw). We have seen also quite some families traveling for several months with children that “fall under the “leerplicht””, hence it seems anything is possible! So, just try it! Travelling is one of the greatest experiences in life, so why not give this present to your children? And why not give the present to yourself to spend so much time with your children? (although it will be exhausting at times as well, however good relationship test, builds character as well :)).

So what’s next?

Well, we just arrived back at the North Island by ferry. Traveling up slowly and we expect to do a part of a so called “great walk” trail, some diving, some beach and spend X-mas at our Maori friend, so that will be a “Maori Christmas” to us J.

Then, with a stop-over in the Netherlands back home. Looking forward to both these events as well!







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